New Orgiteh posture collar

Newness @ Zombie Suicide
  New Orgiteh posture collar.

Has 4 areas you can mix and match textures. Get a unique look. Comes in 5 sizes and an alpha. It is rigged so make sure to try the demo first. <33
This will be on mp soon.

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Sad November :D

@ Sad November,By Zombie suicide. Sad November had started Yesterday. I have some awesome implants out for it. Spiders. Who doesn't love spiders this time of year. Well fake ones haha. I hate real ones lmfao.

These implants you can get on the chest or the hips. The hips are unisex. :D They are on sale tell the event is over then they will go back up in price.

Tp on over to Sad November and while you are there make sure to check out all the other stores. Awesome things are out.
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New Tara Plats

@ zombie suicide man location and mp

These come with a hud to change 15 textures for the main part of the shoe and 2 textures for the base.

Works only with slink high feet.

Tp to main location- click here -
Check it out on mp - Click here-

New @ zombie suicide

@ Zombie suicide. Now Released at main store.
Many of you you have been waiting for this to be out and finally its here.. <3

It is mod so you can adjust and turn and make bigger or smaller if you need to fit your boobies lol. It comes with a hud that has 8 diff textures for the tentacles and 3 textures for the suckers.

Will be on Mp soon.

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Bloody horror fest :D

My fav time of the year.. <333

I have two items for this event. Im soo excited to of been able to be a sponsor for the event.

Tp on over to the event - Click here


Suicide dollz starts today

I was grabbed at last minute. :D
Zombie suicide is in this round of Suicide Dollz. :D

I figured whats best for halloween then some cute pig ears. :D
You can chose from pink or grey ears to buy and they come with a hud to change the beads. <33

Tp to suicide dollz- Click here


Zombie Suicide @ body mod expo

Zombie suicide @ The body mod expo.

The Body Modification Expo is NOW OPEN!
Over 100 of your favorite stores are bringing you new, exclusive releases all related to body modification / accessories (and of course shoes).
Scripts are monitored on the sim, a maximum of 40 are allowed so please come prepared by removing your excess scripts before landing or it will teleport you home!