Project limited round 2 -

Zombie Suicide Project limited Round 2 -

New round starts monday - All the other Project limited items from round 1 will still be there as long as they are not sold out.. :)

So many awesome stores involved.. Dont miss it..

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New Riley Jumpers

NEW @ Zombie Suicide -
  Riley Jumpers: You can get them at main store only right now, They will be updated on mp soon..

There is two versions - v1 comes with 10 textures to change through via hud.
V2 comes with two huds, each comes with 8 colors to flip through.. Two diff huds are for the leggings.. Hud one is black leggings and hud 2 is white.. :D

These only work with SLINK FEET HIGH!!!!

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Project limited

Zombie suicide is at project limited this round.

   I have twisted earrings for the event.. 5 diff colors 100 of each to be sold only..

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Suicide Dollz

I have a witchery Ring set at Suicide dollz this round.. comes with two rings for each hand.. You can wear them both or just one.

Also comes in 3 color options via hud.. :)

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pink fusion grid hunt

Pink fusion hunt started today 
Grid wide hunt that covers many amazing stores.. My store zombie suicide is also in this hunt.. Start at hunt point 1 and move on through them..  you wont regret it.. 

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Zombie Suicide @ spring Break fair

Woohoo - Zombie Suicide @ Spring Break Fair.. 
It is now open and you can come grab my new tentacle bows i put out or Many other awesome stores have awesome items out too.. <33

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Zombie suicide @ 100 Block

Halter corset - 6 versions to chose from all on sale tell the event is over.. Each version has 3 ways to change the top.. :D Lace in the back the main part and the shirt part..

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